Webinar: Export Controls and Trade Compliance
ZPC has a catalogue of webinars on subjects relating to Export Controls and Trade Compliance, providing companies with “smart” training tools

Online training courses give an in-depth understanding of the current problems relating to international trade and provide useful information by means of a practical approach to identify risks, prevent penalties and manage the complexities of export compliance.

Participants can choose one or more courses from the catalogue. A single course is for one hour with an interactive format so you can ask practical questions. Dates can be agreed with individual companies, based on availability

Whay choose ZPC webinars


In-depth information about regulations and procedures, products and countries subject to restrictions


Analysis of risks, whether commercial, financial or related to possible penalties


Preparatory training to avoid violations and over-compliance (the unnecessary application of regulations), optimizing compliance costs


A hands-on approach and useful operational tools for the management of transactions and the planning of trade in international markets


Digital tools supporting the management of export compliance


Maximum flexibility for scheduling

Webinar topics

  • Brexit: new rules for marketing and the consumption of products in EU-UK trade

  • The Customs classification of products

  • The preferential origin of products in international trade

  • The non-preferential origin of goods (Made in)

  • EU compliance: roles and responsibilities of commercial players

  • The chemical and safety compliance of products. REACH and CLP regulations

  • New rules for the environmental labelling of packaging

  • Documents and requirements for import/export

  • Customs duties between the USA and China

  • General principles of Export Controls: subjective sanctions pursuant to EU and US regulations

  • Managing the transportation of goods subject to EU and US restrictions

  • Sanctions regimens compared: the misalignment of Europe and the USA. Focus on Iran and Russia

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