Consulting on Trade Compliance
Proper planning for release for consumption of products globally in full compliance, meeting all safety and labelling requirements.

Customs procedures, safety requirements, certification, marking and labelling are just some of the challenges facing companies who wish to internationalize. Import and export activities involve compliance with regulations, rules and good practice, from the design phase right through to release for consumption.

A series of requirements not only for particularly sensitive products (medical devices, PPE, toys, children’s clothing, etc.) or potentially dangerous substances, but any product for end-users in global markets. From assistance with Customs to the identification and control of compliance requirements, we can help your company in the process of internationalization.

Trade compliance: advantages


Compliance with EU and non-EU regulations, marketing in safety and proper consumer information, as required


Optimizing company processes and compliance costs, with efficient scheduling and the use of resources, speeding up decision-making


Avoidance of the risk of penalties and prosecution for non-compliant products and of the risk of reputational damage


Avoidance of the risk of the Customs holding goods, of product recalls and commercial risks associated with liability to the client


Prevention of over compliance: the rigid and unnecessary application of policies and regulations

In the Trade Compliance area, we provide the following services:

  • Customs matters

  • Labelling for individual and multiple markets

  • Labelling and consumer information, including e-commerce

  • Compliance and safety procedures for consumer products (toys, packaging, compliance with RAEE, etc.)

  • Operating procedures for products subject to the RoHS Directive

  • Drafting of technical specifications for the chemical, physical and mechanical safety of products (safeguarding the health and security of consumers and the environment)

  • Procedures, roles and responsibilities for products subject to EC marking, EAC and KC compliance

  • Eco-sustainability and procedures for managing packaging, reducing the use of resources, and increasing re-use and recycling

  • Assessment of the impact of RFID systems

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