ZPC has created an innovative digital tool to help companies to simplify the management of product compliance documents in complete safety.

Meeting export compliance regulations is a strategic activity not only to avoid sanctions and reputational damage, but also to improve competitiveness in global markets. Although exporters are responsible for this process, a fundamental role is carried out by the suppliers of products who issue documents, declarations of origin, safety and compliance certificates.

  • Failure to receive documents and product information from suppliers exposes the company to a high risk of sanctions and reputational damage as well as operating and commercial inefficiencies;
  • the acquisition and manual filing of the documents issued by suppliers may be inefficient and risky.

ProDocu enables companies to manage in an integrated and automated manner a range of information on products purchased from suppliers, avoiding the risks of manual document handling whilst optimizing processes.

  • Customs code
  • Non-preferential origin (Made In)
  • Preferential EU origin
  • Dual use restrictions
  • Restrictive supplier policies
  • Reach compliance
  • RoHS compliance

The advantages of using ProDocu


Availability of up-to-date declarations, documents and information.


Less time for gathering and managing supplier declarations; lower costs and less time through the digital management of documents and processes.


Easy filing and quick availability of the declarations required for Customs controls; more complete and better histories of system data.


Avoidance of the risk of administrative and criminal sanctions as well as reputational damage through compliance verification.


Reduction of the risk of disputes with suppliers due to the lack of documents.


Greater competitiveness through the management and efficient control of compliance.

What you can do with ProDocu

  • Product data: automatically acquire product date (via the ERP company interface) for products requiring supplier declarations.

  • Supplier area: access a dedicated area for each supplier to input Customs and product compliance data.

  • Declarations: automatically generate long-term declarations.

  • Signature and uploading: enable the supplier to add a digital signature and upload documents on the portal.

  • Monitoring: monitor the expiry dates of declarations and automatically remind suppliers of the need to update the information and upload the new declaration.

  • Follow-up: automatically access and update the product data previously uploaded.

  • Verification: consult supplier declarations for each item, via an intuitive interface.

  • Filing: safely and accurately file all documents for export compliance.

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