The guide to international compliance

We help companies comply with foreign trade regulations, avoiding the risk of penalties and improving their internationalization performance.
The company

How to overcome the threats and challenges of global trade

ZPC Srl is a consulting and professional training firm with offices in Verona, Milan and London. We work with businesses and financial institutions, providing them with the tools required to navigate the complex world of international trade regulations and restrictions and to manage risk with absolute tranquility. We provide services in three areas that are fundamental for international trade: Trade Compliance, Export Controls and Customs.
Our services to navigate the complexities of international trade

Through our consulting work we help companies in three leading strategic areas: trade compliance, export controls and Customs procedures.

Digital solutions

We provide innovative digital platforms, enabling companies to manage export risks and speed up their international deliveries.

Professional training

Our technical training catalogue includes classroom training, workshops and webinars, as well as a dedicated course for the role of Export Compliance Officer (ECO).