ECP - Export Controls Platform
ZPC integrates conventional consulting with a unique digital tool, enabling companies and banks to nimbly face the challenges of international trade: ECP® – Export Controls Platform.

The challenges of international trade

Companies that work in international trade need to find their way in the maze of regulations governing the circulation of goods, restrictions on certain products, companies and entities, embargoes, new trade barriers and geopolitical risk.

In this framework, Export Compliance is an indispensable function to meet statutory requirements and avoid sanctions, to manage risks and to take advantage of new business opportunities.


The ZPC solution: ECP® – Export Controls Platform

ECP® is the leading web platform in Italy, with indispensable export compliance services, a rapid and easy-to-use digital guide for subjective analysis and the objective verification of products, Customs classification, the calculation of preferential origin, as well as regulatory and geopolitical updates.

ECP® is also a fundamental tool for any internal compliance programs, the procedures within the company that guarantee a proper marketing strategy in relation to sanctions regimens.

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The advantages of using ECP


To safeguard assets, avoiding costly penalties and prosecution


To ensure compliance, monitoring the risks associated with sanctions, money-laundering and the funding of international terrorism


To reduce the time to market, speeding up decision-making and easing the flow of communications along the supply chain


To obtain competitive advantages, making the best strategic, design and production choices, based on the accurate Customs classification of the product


To mitigate risk and reduce the impact of any OFAC penalties and Civil Monetary Penalties (CMP)


By means of proper Customs classification, to optimize import duties, minimizing costs and avoiding Customs hold-ups

What you can do with ECP®

  • Set up a Global Risk Map to verify the level of risk of embargoes and restrictions on companies and goods in each country

  • Verify the presence of companies and entities on international black lists, creating customized lists to be monitored

  • Verify the restrictions on dual use products and technologies

  • Assign the correct Customs code to products after thorough analysis by means of terms, descriptions and related words

  • Calculate the rules of preferential and non-preferential origin for the destination country

    • Receive continuous and prompt updates on regulations and global geopolitical developments with the SIRI, SRA and TRACE newsletters

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