Consulting on Customs procedures
The management of Customs procedures, the classification of products, the calculation of Customs duties, rules of origin and the application of FTAs, as well as the verification of documents and certification.

Customs matters: advanteges


Compliance with Customs regulations, the proper attribution of Customs codes and the identification of product restrictions


The accurate calculation of Customs duties and the identification of rules of origin, both preferential and non-preferential, for the strategic planning of exports


Optimizing company processes and compliance costs, with efficient scheduling and the use of resources, speeding up decision-making


Avoidance of the risk of goods being held by Customs Authorities, of disputes and the commercial risks associated with liability to clients


Prevention of over compliance: the rigid and unnecessary application of policy and regulations

In the Customs area, we can provide your company with the following services:

  • Import/export procedures

  • Customs classifications in individual countries abroad

  • Calculation of Customs duties for imports and exports

  • Customs value

  • Attribution of preferential and non-preferential origin

  • Application of Free Trade Agreements

  • Verification of documents

  • Procedures for AEO certification

  • Documentation to obtain the status of authorized exporter

  • Verification of compliance and the application of Customs regulations and export controls for products subject to restrictions

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