The ECO course - Export Compliance Officer
The Export Compliance Officer is a new, key function for the management of risks in international trade, whatever the size of your company.

The online course
After the course, the ECO will be able to identify, analyze, manage and plan operating processes and strategies for commercial and financial transactions carried out internationally, cooperating with the many parties involved.

The Export Compliance Officer Course is registered (reg. no. 188) with CEPAS as a Qualified Course.

What will you learn as the Export Compliance Officer?
You will be able to guarantee compliance with the law and regulations for all your company’s import and export activities. You will be able to act in order to mitigate the risks of penalties and prosecution, financial losses and reputational damage.

You will become familiar with the procedures and processes involved in import-export, and will be up-to-date regarding the regulations. You will know how to keep abreast of all the developments in international trade.

How long does the course last?
The course is designed to be compatible with a busy working life, comprising four modules (delivered in the classroom and/or online) for a total of 32 hours.



Planning in relation to Customs procedures for the import and export of goods

  • Customs requirements
  • AEO certification
  • The origin of the goods and Free Trade Agreements
  • Safe transportation and delivery Incoterms

Restrictions and embargoes: limits, prohibitions and sanctions relating to international sales

  • Dual-use product regulations and license procedures
  • International sanctions and embargoes
  • Military materials

Safety requirements, compliance and labelling in global markets

  • The safety of products for consumers
  • EU regulations relating to chemical substances and impacts on those responsible in a global framework
  • Labelling requirements and information to the consumer in global markets

Managing the risks of international trade

  • Verification of compliance and inspection programs before and after shipment
  • Documents and procedures
  • Import-export requirements in China
  • EAC compliance in the Eurasian Customs Union
  • Assessment and management of risks in the company
  • Fighting money laundering and the role of banks in international trade
  • Legislative Decree 231/01 and corporate responsibilities in international trade

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