The guide for your international trade

ZPC works with businesses and financial institutions, providing them with the tools required to navigate the complex world of international trade regulations and restrictions and to manage risk with absolute tranquility. We provide services in three areas that are fundamental for international trade: Trade Compliance, Export Controls and Customs Procedures.

Over 600 companies trust us to help them manage risk and regulatory aspects relating to the new global markets, as well as to help them boost their work in the foreign markets where they already have a foothold.

Because we transform strategic export-control activities into new business opportunities.

We do this by ensuring proper management in every phase, including verification, continuous regulatory updates, protecting the work of our clients and helping them to optimize schedules, overcoming the difficulties and dangers of international trade.

ZPC helps companies and financial institutions to:

  • avoid violations of the law;
  • avoid over-compliance, i.e., the excessive and unnecessary application of policies and regulations;
  • optimize compliance costs;
  • use the appropriate tools to comply with international rules;
  • protect company assets and its reputation;
  • improve internationalization performance

ZPC Srl is certified to ISO 9001:2015 standards.

Industrial sectors we can help:

Consumer goods
  • Household goods
  • Bathroom accessories
  • Furnishings
  • Toys
  • Cosmetics
  • Sports items
  • Electrical and electronic material
  • Household cleaning items
  • Eyewear
  • Textiles, clothing, accessories
  • Footwear
  • Leather goods and luggage
Industrial goods
  • Systems and components for the petrochemical industry
  • Systems and components for the production of energy
  • Systemsant and components for gas
Other sectors
  • Work clothes
  • International haulage and transport
We are a reliable reference point for Italian businesses

Among other things, the word “wolf” conjures strength and intelligence, loyalty and generosity. As a symbol, it indicates aggression, protection and support. The Greek term “lukos” is reminiscent of “lyké”, light: a wolf is a leader in the forest, a place full of dangers.

ZPC was created to help Italian companies to compete in the environment of complex international markets. Hence our logo, featuring a wolf.

To offer the market an organization that is determined to grow, in weight and quality, both in the conventional manner and in the most modern and innovative ways now open, accepting the recent and ongoing challenges of internationalization, as faced by companies, taking advantage of the opportunities that arise.
With our clients, to meet the challenges and overcome the dangers of international trade, sharing in their success.
Find out about our Team
A team of specialists in the sector, professionals with a passionate commitment to their work. We provide dedicated services that give companies the competitive advantage needed to work in globalized, interconnected markets.


Nicola Gelder
Founding Partner
Zeno Poggi
Founding Partner


Cristiana Bonomelli
Senior Trade Compliance Specialist
Laura De Carli
Trade Compliance Specialist
Rachele Fraccaroli
Senior Trade Compliance Specialist
Roberta Graziano
Trade Compliance Specialist
Manuela Mandarà
Export Controls Project Manager
Marta Marchiori
Senior Trade Compliance Specialist
Melania Martorina
Trade Compliance Specialist
Arianna Modena
Senior Trade Compliance Specialist
Amedeo Federico Monti
Trade Compliance Specialist
Giuliana Munafò
Trade Compliance Specialist
Vittoria Sarcuni
Trade Compliance Project Manager
Martina Sironi
Trade Compliance Specialist
Carlo Trivella
Senior Trade Compliance Specialist
Alessandra Zanchetta
Legal Project Manager


Martina Zambonati
Finance & Quality Specialist
Monica Zarbo
Executive Assistant & Finance


Alessandro Amato
Marketing & Business Strategy Manager
Willie Glover
Digital Product Specialist & Business Analyst
Claudia Garbin
Sales & Back Office Specialist
Francesca Mauli
Marketing & Communication Specialist
Export Compliance Center (ECC)
With highly qualified partners, ZPC has set up operations centers to help companies with Export Controls and Trade Compliance. Strategically located throughout the country, ECCs are on hand with prompt assistance.
We have numerous partnerships with business associations and other players working in international trade. For associations, we provide ad hoc solutions with special prices, and other consulting companies enable us to broaden our services to meet the needs of our clients.
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