Dutch police arrest two individuals for circumventing EU trade sanctions against Russia

21 July 2023

The anti-circumvention grip tightens in the countries of the European Union. As witnessed by recent arrests in the Netherlands, there are numerous attempts to circumvent the system of restrictions against Russia. The Public prosecution department in the Netherlands has seen an increase in suspected cases of circumvention of sanctions against Russia, both by companies and by private individuals: 45 criminal investigations were opened during the first year of the application of sanctions, including 29 concerning the violation of restrictions on the import and export of goods.

On 11 July, a 41-year-old man was arrested in Etten-Leur for dodging trade sanctions against Russia by selling computers via third countries. Since the circumvention of sanctions is considered a crime, the man is now facing legal proceedings. Last May, a 55-year-old dual Dutch Russian national was arrested on suspicion of supplying microchips to Russia, using a company in the Maldives as cover.

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