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Export Controls

In recent years, global authorities have intensified controls in the pursuit of international security, reflecting international commitments to counter the proliferation of nuclear, biological and chemical weapons as well as of items with potential military end-use.

To successfully compete in global markets, compliance with norms governing production and trade may not be sufficient. An comprehensive system of Export Controls is required to assess the additional risks associated with trade in Dual Use goods and technologies, and/or trade involving subjects included in Black Lists.

Dual Use refers to products and technologies for civilian use that may have military applications, and are therefore subject specific export authorization procedures.
Black Lists are lists of both entities and physical persons subject to specific restrictions, bans and embargoes imposed by UN, EU and US authorities. In recent years these measures have brought significant changes to the international trade landscape.


Trade Compliance

Customs procedures, safety requirements, certification, marking and labeling are just some of the many challenges faced by companies in the pursuit of internationalization. Exporting requires systematic compliance with regulations, norms and best practices from the design stage to the end user.

Specific regulations apply not only to particularly sensitive products (toys, cosmetics, personal protective and/or medical devices), categories of users (infants, children), or categories of risk (chemical, physical or mechanical), but rather to all products intended for the global marketplace.

From managing customs issues to fulfilling compliance requirements, ZPC supports your company in meeting the global challenge.