ACCUDIRE, your export made simple
ACCUDIRE, the leading digital platform in Italy, simplifying and speeding up your export processes in complex international markets.

Accudire – dedicated to exports and Italian logistics – is a platform based on blockchain technology, complete and easy to integrate into company processes.

With this new digital model, companies can simplify and speed up shipments inside and outside the EU, create traceability throughout the supply chain and trust with all those involved: exporters, Customs representatives, forwarding agents, banks, insurance companies, terminals, carriers and government authorities.

Numerous functions in one platform: from the automatic composition of the Customs declaration form and CMR to the transmission of the Single Administrative Document to the Customs Agency, the screening of companies and products and the drafting of international contracts.

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Security and transparency

Increasing trust and cooperation between partners through the sharing of supply chain documents: accessible, protected and without borders.


Optimizing processes

Fewer mistakes and misunderstandings due to differing cultures and regulations, sometimes leading to Customs hold-ups, with savings for the entire supply chain, less time and the better use of resources for all those involved.


Lower management costs

Exports require a large number of documents. With ACCUDIRE you can speed up their preparation, sharing data in real time: paperless, secure, efficient.


Reducing the risks of sanctions

Customs clearance, no penalties. After validation and authorization, all the documents on the platform are automatically acquired by the supply chain.


A universal language

One shared standard. A platform without borders. The core of ACCUDIRE is an online glossary available to everyone involved in the supply chain.


Perfect integration

ACCUDIRE is an ecosystem that can be integrated with other digital platforms and ERP systems via advanced digital services, global databases that are updated in real time and consultation with customized APIs.

All the services to manage export processes on your own

  • Automatic composition of the Custom declaration form

  • Transmission of the Single Administrative Document to the Customs Agency

  • Automatic recovery of the exit visa

  • Customs classification

  • Automatic composition of the CMR

  • Digital sharing of the CMR

  • Recovery of signatures on the CMR

  • Screening of companies and products

  • Management of documentary credits

  • Drafting of essential contents for international contracts

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